Brass / Sterling Silver Care and Maintenance

Brass and Sterling Silver tends to tarnish quickly when exposed to air. Some brass is coated with clear lacquer to prevent this condition. However, we do not necessarily use those lacquered brass in order to keep the natural appearance of brass. Brass is also vulnerable to humidity and perspiration. If brass is left with sweat or dirt, it can cause discoloration which is not harmful to the body but the color can trace to your clothes. It is best to clean and care after each use. When brass is kept in high humidity area, it can cause discoloration. Brass should be keep in dry area with limited exposure to air. Discoloration can be avoided by placing brass into little bottles with cap tighten. Please avoid keeping brass in high humidity area such as bathroom. When discoloration is noticeable, you can wipe and clean to restore the color with brass polishing cloth.


Fringe and Tassel Care

Jewelry with tassel or fringe can tangle at times. They are easy to untangle by using hair brush. Wash carefully with mild soap and cold water when necessary. You can also use hair dryer as final step. Please be advise that colors or materials can be altered with cleaning.



Please feel free to get in touch with us for repair requests. The cost of repair will be determined by material needs, labor fees and shipping costs.